Akpan Series: As i See Am by @husband_materia

As dem make me oga for this new estate my body just dey do me jigijigi, na me Akpan be CSO for this estate so, so name be oga for this place, all these big big men with their jeep and their big belle wey dey talk like say water
dey dia mouth na now dem go know say me Akpan na him be Oga for this Revelation estate because anybody wey no dey do me well I no go open gate for am fast, I go just bone am small make him blow horn tire.
I know say for the whole of my papa and him papa family nobody don ever work sotey dem give am one big room say na him office, for my office I get table and one big television wey dem hang for wall, mbuk! It is not an easy thing oh!, dem come write “Chief Security Officer” hang for my door, as I enter that Revelation estate me sef my spirit minister to me say na here I go stay buy that bus wey don dey hungry me since, e go sweet if I come start my own kabu-kabu business for dis Eko, my friend Alhaji Musa wey don be security man for plenty years call me say make I sidon say him wan advice me as I dey move to my new office, I sidon for him kiosk outside him madam gate na him begin talk
“Akpan you know say I be I fikin for this security meeting bah? If I dey go this new place make I no touch for big big oga dem fikin or him yarinya, na dat time I go last for the job gaskiya!”
Na that advice I carry like head-pan as I enter my new office, as all dis taxi drivers dey write plenty things for there motor my own wey I write for my blockos wey no dey hear something na “leave Oga wife and children, any other thing wey be woman na your own”.
The first girl wey begin dey enter my eye na one madam Charity house girl, dem dey call her “Chef”, me I no know wether na her guy-name or na another of her name, why me I like her na because of the uniform wey she dey wear, she dey dress like say she be queen for all dis our nigerian movie, she go tie one for head and then e get the one wey she hang for neck wey dey cover her body, anytime she dey comot for estate if I see her na so I go lie down for ground dey greet her
“Mama africa! Oh my queen! May your days be long! Queen bless your boy”
She go put hand inside her pocket bring out N200 dash me!, the day I hail her well she dey give me reach N1000, none of this oga dem wey dey carry big jeap dey give money reach dis queen, this queen come dey bring food come for me, she go sidon dey look me as I wack, if I finish she go carry the container go back her house, one day I gather morale say I go ask dis queen plenty, so one evening as I dey my duty post dey monitor people wey dey enter, dey collect all this small small change from these oga dem as dem dey enter, na when I see Madam charity house girl as she dey waka with that her big waist dey come, I look her hand na polythene bag she carry, me I know say na my belle dey inside so I signal her to enter my office, e no tey small I enter my like say I wan go collect something na im I ask her
“My queen no vex oh! You really queen or madam house girl because this your cloth na wetin queen for our village for eket dey wear”
She look me then sidon for the chair beside me come smile, her white teeth just dey shine
“I am been a queen since I was a pikin!, you no see as Madam dey carry me for back of motor? She dey serving the queen, she is are driver, my kingdom are fighting war with the queen of england so I hide here till war is dissappear” she reply me
Her english dey sweet me, no be dis mama Ekaette I leave for village wey to speak ordinary pidgin dey hard her, to marry person wey be queen and come dey speak ‘Queen’s English’ na double blessing for me oh, so I stand up immediately then kneel down before the Queen come cut her sexy eye then begin tell her my mind
“Your Majesty! Mama Africa! Wetin I wan tell you so, I hope your army no go come find me because na my mind I wan yan you so”
She reply me
“Speak forth for the queen is been listening with caretaker attention”
Na so I begin to talk
“Queen my name na Akpan Obong-owo Atinukpan, I no get money but I will like to make you my Eve and me your Adam, I wan to show you say man fit love person sotey him go slap mopol because of am”
She begin smile as me I kneel down like say I dey act oyibo film come kiss her hand, she just dey shy na im she come look me come talk
“Oh Akpan you have bomb my heart like a boko haram bomb, my heart is running faster than chioma ajunwa, it is doing like I win all the money for Baba ijebu, I will trying to consider but I have to sending message to my kingdom and telling dem of what you have spoken to my ear”
I know say I go be rich man but if person tell me say na through woman I for no believe, one day I go sidon for back of that jeep as madam Charity go dey drive me.
The next day don reach as all the big big oga dem and there madam don go work na so I hear knock for my office door, I open the door na so I see Queen stand for door, she carry waterprove for hand dey smile as she enter my office I notice wetin she wear, her gown short sotey all her laps dey show, if you see her thick laps even madman sef prick go stand, me I look for my drawer to see wether my condom still dey, she drop the food for table then waka go lock the window, as she dey waka na so her yansh dey shake, e be like say na iran and iraq dey fight war, I no sure sef say she wear pant under because the yansh just dey shake like water, na better fried rice and chicken she carry come, my mind no dey the food again, wetin dey hungry me na to rush her and tear her cloth comot for body then begin hammer her but I try console myself as she use her hand dey feed me food for mouth, my head wan burst as she dey do am, na why I like all this city people for this lagos, dem sabi take care of man well well, she go use tissue wey dey for table clean my mouth anytime the oil from the rice touch my mouth, I take style keep my hand ontop her laps to see wether she go remove am but she no complain, instead she smile come tell me
“Gently you will fucking this toto today cuz I bring am for you my love”
I nearly faint as she talk am, my body begin do me yori-yori, as she dey feed me I dey romance her laps, she just wide her leg open as she sidon for table dey feed me, na then I come confirm say she no wear pant, see as her toto dey look me face to face, I collect the spoon from her hand troway for ground so that she go allow me concentrate on the knacking, I open drawer bring out my condom give her for hand, she no even waste time as she tear the condom, squeeze my prick inside my trouser before she open my zip come bring my prick, if woman no dey fear prick before me I know say any woman wey see my own must first fear, e dey like small 2years old pikin hand, e long come fat as the head of the prick come fat well, na so long veins just full am like say na electric wire dem pass thru am, if I dey count my blessings wey God don do for me, if e reach my prick I dey count am as two.
Na shock dey her eyes as she use two hand hold my long prick come begin struggle to put condom cuz wen my prick don stand na so the cap of my prick they fat well well
“This prick is be like a devil prick! I will loving to enjoy it if you can using it well” Queen talk
“Your Majesty dis prick na Union bank their motto big, strong and reliable, wen I start work e go be like say make the world no end” I reply her
She use her hand scatter all the paper wey I keep ontop table, raise her skirt up as she lie down for the table, na so she draw her toto come near my prick, I know say if I begin knack her she go shout so I say make I go on radio but she no gree, she hold my shirt
“Akpan be putting it! You doing me longer throat with your prick?”
Na im I shake head come reply
“Your majesty na radio I wan on so that nobody go hear you soundtrack when I begin work for your body”
She smile come free me as I waka go on both television and radio then high the volume.
As I turn she don sharply remove the skirt kpatakpata na so toto dey look me I dey look am, she use her hand hold her leg as she raise am up, na then I know say dis Queen go bad for bedmatics but me Akpan I know say I bad too for that angle, I waka reach where she position dey wait for me, as I raise my prick with my hand instantly she close her eyes na so I force the prick enter her tight toto, my brother if you see how she open her eye look me you go know say the thing scatter her medulaoblankata!,
“Kai! Akpan your prick is tear my toto finish! My toto is now a tokunbo because it has opening all the space all other man haven’t been opening, even madam charity Oga thing e no reach dis one! Wonderful!!” Na wetin she talk
I make sure as the long prick enter her toto well, na so she hold my shoulder begin use her other hand to squeeze my nipple, I come begin dey whine my waist slow slow like say I be iyanya, na so my prick just dey do like screw driver inside her toto, e get as I go whine am the thing go sweet Queen she go shake her head come shout
“Wonderful! Better pikin you are Akpan, I no know is this you have been carrying in your waist tey tey I meeting you”
I whine sotey her toto begin comot water wey dey draw, na dat time me I know say e don set for me to begin give her my rambo style, any babe I give my rambo style dey always come back for more like say na juju I use for am, and as this girl na Queen me I don vow say I go give her rambo style and then give her the style wey me I dey call “touch and follow”, I raise her leg up keep one for my shoulder while I use one hand hold the other leg for air then I began fuck her with so much strength wetin Desmond my former friend for ajegunle dey call “Alakirity”, my waist begin back and front like machine wey dem just put new oil, I fuck her sotey her clitoris wey been dey hide stand kakaraka!, I use hand rub am small while I dey fuck her “fian! Fian!” Na the sound her toto dey make, she dey shake her head like say she dey under anointing, I come carry the other leg sharply put for my shoulder to allow my prick enter inside well, I hold her two legs tight then come increase my speed, nobody tell her say na now I start work as she begin give me better ringtone
“Sweet Akpan! Fucking me like dat Akpan! Chie! Your prick have finishing me! Oh! Oh!”
I increase speed as sweat dey comot from my body, na so my waist dey jam her fat yansh and the thing dey bounce, I used my hand comot her big breast from the tigh bra wey she put am begin dey rub her two nipple, she dey shout say e dey pain her yet na so she dey whine her waist and also dey use am jam my own waist, na today she go know say small body no be sickness.
I begin another style another style wey I never use before, na for one blue film wey Desmond give me wey I learn that style, I go fuck one then comot prick then put am inside again then comot am again, I swear dis style na my last bullet for my gun, you need to see how Queen dey shout like small pikin wey hot groundnut oil pour

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