''I Spent 9 Years in The University '' - AY

                    Comedian AY , speaks about his journey from the bottom to the top – admitting that life was never hunky-dory for him.

He said…

“I don’t like talking about this. But, yes, I spent nine years in the university but not as a failure as some people may assume. But I had to set my priorities right. It was tough I had to joggle so many jobs to make ends meet. I also had to cater to my siblings and I was a victim of different circumstances on campus.”

On jumping on the political bandwagon like his colleagues

Meet Genevieve Nnaji's Lovly Parents ''Mr and Mrs Theophilus Nnaji'

   Actress Genevieve Nnaji, has finally stepped out with her parents Mr and Mrs Theophilus Nnaji.
The Nnaji family were seen over the weekend during the wedding ceremony of Onyinye, the daughter of Innoson Group Chairman Chief Innocent Chukwuma, and her husband Emeka Onwugbenu, the son of Louis Carter Group Chairman. The church service which was held at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, Victoria Island, Lagos, had the gathering of who’s-who in Nigeria with Igbo billionaires in attendance.

Download Video-- 300L Uni-Abuja Students Video Lea*ked Online

Download Video-- 300L Uni-Abuja Students Video Lea*ked Online

                                        And It happens like this, they really aren’t dating………
              According to my Source,they recorded the scene just to get back to the girl’s Bf who always cheated on her….Unfortunatly,The Real Bf Share the video online
              Download Here

N**d e Photos Of Jennifer Lawrance Lea*ked Online

N**d e Photos Of Jennifer Lawrance Lea*ked Online

American actress, Jenifer Lawrence is another innocent victim of the internet phone hacking.
The actress had her phone hacked and her naked picture is everywhere on the internet.
This is a flagrant violation of privacy," a spokesperson for the 24-year-old Hunger Games actress said in a statement. "The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence.
Other young stars have gotten caught up in similar scandals. Sexy selfies of Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy were leaked in March, and a man was arrested in 2011 following an FBI investigation into the hacking of Scarlett Johansson’s phone. In 2009, Twilight’s Ashley Green threatened to sue after nude pictures of her showed up online. And perhaps most famously, Vanessa Hudgens, a Disney darling at the time, apologized to fans in 2007 after a photo she took years earlier resurfaced.

Rugged Pastor Caught On Surveillance Cam Cheating With 2 Female Church Members In His Office

                Many men of God are working hard to increased the numbers of people around the world that we make heaven on the last days on earth while some are also busy working hard to destroy HIS name.
               This Tunisian fake man of God was caught on hidden camera engaging in ungodly relationship with 2 female church members right in his office.

The church suspected his devilish act and decided to put him to a test, which actually caught him red-handed.

To make matters worse, he later admitted that he also slept with some of the married women, and some other ladies who came for counseling and prayers in his office

Can you imagine? I guess this is one of the reasons why we are having trust issues in our world today because you won't even know whom to trust anymore. *sobs*

Well, watch the video and see for yourself after the break..

Mysterious cat turns to human being in Makoko

            Residents of Makoko, lagos were shocked to their marrows yesterday when something rather unbelievable occurred. A cat transformed to a old lady(the lady in the picture).
             The cat was said to have come out of a house where it was last seen sleeping, and moved close to a canoe. (Continue)A young girl on the canoe attempted carrying it but it gradually transformed on its face from that of a cat to that of an little gal.Subsequently the face changed from that of an infant to an old woman. Police from the Adekunle Station have reportedly taken the creature

Video-- Girl Gets Ban** ged By Her Boyfriend While Checking Her Facebook


Agro is a bastard, this naija couple Actually know how to get down… The story as you can see is that, The girlfriend was on facebook but the boyfriend was hor ny – So the Guy......**lip Sealed**

See The Cra*zy Photos An Anonymous Fellow Sent To Me

See The Cra*zy Photos An Anonymous Fellow Sent To Me

Good morning to my super duper Readers,  i was just minding my own business as usual when an anonymous fellow claimed to be a die hard fan of my blog sent this photos to my mail, seriously i don't no the gender of the sender but he or she captioned it #willy this photos will be good for morning posting#...

But i guess it's another BF/GF Wahala..
see the full pix after the cut and kindly drop comment

Meet The Hottest Male And Female Gangstar In The World (See Photos)

Meet The Hottest Male And Female Gangstar In The World (See Photos)

She is thought to be new leader of Mexican hit squad (Los Antrax) & drug cartel (Sinaloa cartel)
see more pix after the cut>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The 27-year-old uses social media to brag about her lifestyle, posting pictures of herself holding guns, posing with a leopard, and strutting around in tight outfits and swimsuits.

U.S. intelligence sources have named the Sinaloa cartel as ‘the most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world’, and they are thought to be responsible for much of the heroin smuggled into America.

Los Antrax is the drug cartel’s elite contract killer squad, and was previously led by Claudia’s lover Jose Rodrigo Arechiga Gamboa, 33, who was arrested in January.

Often pictured posing with signature pink AK-47 in various tight outfits

Also posts images of her three children surrounded by piles of cash

Hit squad Los Antrax carry out assassinations for feared Sinaloa cartel
Claudia dated former leader Jose Gamboa until he was arrested in January

Jeremy Meeks, 30, was arrested on weapons and gang charges and caused a stir when Stockton, California cops shared his mugshot online

Fewer than 24 hours later, the felon’s face had gained a rabid fan following as over 20,000 people ‘liked’ the photo and nearly 6,000 had commented

But records reveal a far less attractive rap sheet – including grand theft, resisting arrest and faking his identity by pretending to be his brother

His tattoos show a teardrop beneath his eye – known as a sign of killing someone – and ‘Crips’, one of the area’s most notorious gangs

But relatives said he escaped gang life 7 years ago and ‘gave his heart to God’ – and believes police are stereotyping him because of his past

Meeks appeared in court Friday for his arraignment and his bail has been set at $1million

Rihanna reacts over Chris Brown & Drake's friendship

               After Drake and Chris Brown hooked up,many have wondering and looking out for a reaction from Rihanna who has been very silent. However, Hollywood Life says
"She is not angry that they are working together. She is actually happy she wasn't made the butt of any jokes or jabs though.She definitely had people watching the ESPYs on her behalf to see if she would have been called out on or joked on by Drake. “She made sure to have the show watched so she could respond to anything that was done.”

Wizkid Set To Feature Chris Brown (Photo Evidence)

              Nigerian popular singer, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, known by his stage name Wizkid, who rose to prominence with his song "Holla at Your Boy is reportedly cooking a new song with American recording artist Chris Brown.
           Wizkid shared these photos of him chilling with Chris Brown and Rapper Tya in Los Angelos, with the caption; 
"In the studio with with Tyga and Akon's brother who is Chris Brown's manager." 

Drake and Chris Brown hit the studio

Drake and Chris Brown hit the studio

            Wow! Who would have thought they would be in the same room again! Drake And Chris Brown have put aside their beef to make good music...
             Women will fight over a man  hate each other for life..But men....Never...Maybe Rihanna and Karrueche should be friends too..

Nyanya Bomb Blast Victim Begs FCT Minister To Redeem Pledge Made To Her

               Hard working 27-year old, Mary Modu was part of the people that survived the first Nyanya bomb blast which took place on the 14th of April, 2014 at a motor park near Abuja. Mary who was recently discharged from Wuse General Hospital in Abuja, has begged the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Senator Bala Mohammed, to redeem the pledge of N1m and an artificial leg made to her by him.
According to Mary, who had undergone several surgeries including one in her heart said the Minister promised to give her N1m and an artificial leg, after seeing she had lost one of her legs and her condition. But nothing has been heard from him or any of his aides after he made the promise to her on her sick bed.

Whenever my relations go to his office to try to see him, his aides usually send them away, she said. She appealed to the minister to please do something fast, so that she can be on her feet again.

Mary was a trader who sold clothes and shoes and was on her way to work before the unfortunate

Gerald Grabs Woman's B00bs & Butt in Public Yesterday


One of Hollywood's best known womanizers actor Gerald Butler, 44, was photographed grabbing the boobs and butt of an unidentified woman in Malibu yesterday. The 300 actor, who doesn't have a girlfriend, and has said he's scared of commitment, grabbed the woman and started making out with her as they made to enter their SUV. Fortunately the paparazzi was there to capture the moment...See more photos after the cut..

Meet The Black Woman With The World Largest B00bs! (See Photos)

Introducing! The Woman With The World Largest Boobs!
Even Nicki’s perky boobs combined with Kim’s & Riri’s can’t beat hers! He He He, she’s MASSIVELY endowed… LMAO!

Annie Hawkins-Turner, a native of Atlanta, Georgia is the woman who boasts of having the world largest boobs with the boobs size 102ZZZ which also weighs almost 85lbs ( the equivalent of two four-year old children).

Four kids?! Then she must be really WOOOAHHH! More than we’re even seeing in the (above) photo!

She uses her very big boobs to make money for herself as she stars in soft-core porn movies under the name of Norma Stitz and her boobs give her a lot of attention combined with her worldwide popularity of starring many porn movies.

Porn, porn, porn, I know she can’t have such boobs size without excelling in porn, just like Kim’s ass size that made her reality appearance significant than her sisters!

Vernadine, her sister made a revelation about the attention Annie gets, she was like,

    “When we go out, someone always wants to hook up with Annie!”

Meet The Woman With The World Biggest ''UKWU'' (See Photos)

Sarah Massey woman biggest booty

                          Sarah Massey has a rear end so large that it once cracked a toilet bowl! She has the largest butt in the world, which measures at about 7 feet around. She's actually proud of her booty, but she does accept $1,250 in monthly disability benefits due to her limited mobility.

La Yarnsh, La Ukwu-- Meet Ghanaian Video Vixen ‘Hipsy’ With The Biggest ''UKWU'' and Hips

La Yarnsh, La Ukwu-- Meet Ghanaian Video Vixen ‘Hipsy’ With The Biggest ''UKWU'' and Hips

                    My popular Blog Quote-- if you think you have the ''Ukwu'' abeg Flaunt it, I must confess this lady is really endowed and she is kind of decent with her dressing too. All the way from ‘Ass-land’ Quick Intro: Matilda Quaye aka Hipsy. From Ghana. a student, model and video vixen. I know they say hips don’t lie but these days it seems it does due to plastic surgery. lol
More photosafter the cut>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Women Can't Seperate Us Atall'' - Bracket

                   In an interview with Sunday Express, music duo, Smash and Vast of Bracket, said money and women can't make them go their separate ways because according to them, they have grown past that.
"Money has not separated us, so women won't do that to us. We had a little issue about money in the past and we settled it. So when it comes to women or when Smash sees me with people who will not add value to my life, he warns me. And when I don't listen, he will let me be. Then when it all goes wrong, he will still be the person I come back to. I don't think women or money can be a problem between us at this stage"
The duo also revealed that in the next two to three years, they should be married
"Marriage is a must-do thing and we are not getting any younger. Within the next two-three years we should do that. We are still single but we are not getting any younger. We would love to get married"

Man And Wife Arrested in Abeokuta For Allegedly Fighting N**ude in Public


A man and his wife were today Wednesday March 5th arraigned in an Abeokuta Magistrates’ Court  sitting at Isabo for allegedly fighting nude in public over alleged infidelity.

The accused, Kehinde Soetan, 37,  and Aderinsola Lawal, 28, were arraigned for  breach of public peace. The duo, however,  pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Police  Prosecutor, Augustine Ozimini, said that the offence was committed on Tuesday  at 2.30 p.m. at Obada Oko area of  Abeokuta. He alleged  that the couple fought and tore  their clothes in public. Continue...

Kim K West Advice To Ladies Who Keep Nu**de Photos

                  After the widely publicized leak of nu de pics of celebs like Jenifer Lawrence ,Rihanna and more.Kim Kardashian was named as one of those whose nude pics were hacked.However,she has responded saying she deleted her icloud account years ago..She is also advising ladies on protecting nude photos..As a veteran,she knows what she's saying...She told BBC Newsbeat
"I think people in general just have to be cautious.I don't have an iCloud account on my phone,"'I think it's a big wake up call for people to make sure they have every privacy setting,it seems like there's a lot of people that love to spend their time hacking people's information.And that's just a scary thing,"I don't even know where this cloud is or where all this information is that can be hacked into,I deleted my iCloud account ages ago because I didn't really understand it and I was aware that it was so easily accessible,

D'Prince Promotes His New Song 'OYO' With Motivational Messages


                D'prince is stepping out with a new song..... The hardworking Mavin star shares some motivational messages and photos to promote his new single, OYO which means 'on your own'…… 
More Photos Below>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I Am Clean Now But I Still Do Marijuana-- Terry G


Ginger master, Terry G was a guest on youths program Rubbing Minds today on Channels TV and according to the singer, a popular actress introduced him to drugs. who would that be? Tweets continue after the cut