Sagging Bobby-- See What Rihanna Is Flaunting
                      Diamonds singer Riri had sorted the cleavage baring outfit, the full face of slap and the perfectly coiffed hair, and looks super sexy.
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Lady Gaga Wears Fishnet Tights & Shakes 'So Much Booty'! The Anaconda Style!

Lady Gaga Wears Fishnet Tights & Shakes 'So Much Booty'! The Anaconda Style!
Much to the delight of fans at Melbourne's Cherry bar, the singer seemed to have energy to burn.

Despite not managing to sell out, her performance still impressed -- the waiting for 'booty twerking' fans!

Gaga changed up her look throughout the show, sporting blonde and green wigs as well as some rainbow dreadlocks for some of the performance.

She rocked a fluoro mini skirt which had a nude coloured plastic bodice, for one song, with neon yellow and pink furry boots to accompany her bold hairstyle.

Heading to her Melbourne gigs, before the show she was demure in black tights and a jacket sling around her waist, with her long brunette hair worn loose across her shoulders. 

Photos-- See how Rita Ora attende an event without br a

Photos-- See how Rita Ora attende an event without br a

                       British singer, Rita Ora must have shocked some guests and delighted others when she attended the London Fashion Week party held on Sunday, September 14 2014, br aless in a low cut jumpsuit, giving onlookers a good view of her clea vage.
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OMG, Young Man Tortured By the Nigerian Army (Photos)

OMG, Young Man Tortured By the Nigerian Army (Photos)

Special Task Force  accused the young guy for stealing a riffle, and abused him for several weeks. 
An incident happened in Barkin Ladi local government in Plateau State. Young man was accused by the Special Task Force of stealing a riffle. Rumors said that he was tortured for over 3 weeks. People were fighting for him, because later he was found to be innocent. You can see his photos below. The details are sketchy, so if you have some more information about this incident, please share it with us.

Flawless, Ibinabo Fiberesima Shares New Hot Photos

Flawless, Ibinabo Fiberesima Shares New Hot Photos

                    The 43 year old ex beauty queen,mother of 5 and president of the Actors Guild Association of Nigeria was getting her groove on at Monalisa Chinda's 40th birthday party on Saturday.
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Model Doyin Haastrup Olatokunbo and hubby welcome 3rd child

Top model Doyin Haastrup Olatokunbo and her hubby Ayodeji have welcomed their third child together, a baby boy. The cute baby was born a few weeks ago in Houston, Texas. The couple, who got married in 2008, already have two other boys. Congrats to them...

Generator fumes kill man, wife & 3 children in Ikorodu

Generator fumes has killed a man, his wife and all his 3 children in Ipoyewa community of Ikorodu, Lagos. The bodies of the family was discovered by neighbours last Friday September 12th in their home. All five suffocated to death after inhaling fumes from a generator which they'd kept in their room. According to neighbours, the man bought the generator just two days before the unfortunate incident and was afraid it will be stolen if left outside so he kept it inside his 2-room apartment.
When the family failed to come out late Friday morning, a neighbour peeped through their window, saw bodies, and alerted others. They broke down the door to discover the horror. And when I say horror, I mean horror. The photos are really graphic so please be warned.

Residents of the community are blaming the family's deaths on lack of power in the area. They claim the last time they had light was 3 years ago, that every house in the area uses a generator. They said they have called on the government many times to help them with light but their efforts have yielded no fruit. See the pics after the cut.. *warning - graphic content*

People need to be educated about the dangers of generator fumes..