Sound Sultan tells Wizkid "I gave you your first collabo

Hey, before it begins to read like there  is a rift between the Naija Ninja, Sound Sultan and the Star Boy, Wizkid, what Sound Sultan told Wizkid on his birthday was actually to appreciate the music sensation
 In a birthday wish to him, Sound Sultan writes:  “I always remember the first day you called me on the phone . I was like, ‘you ain’t a girl? Then you must be a kid’ , he said yes, ‘Wizkid !’ Correction that was essential ! ‘Wiz’ as a prefix makes sense 7 years later, wizard , Layon(lion),  fame didn’t give him the Lion heart, he had it from day one . Gave him his first collabo he gave me my latest ! Ayo S.Balogun, happy birthday”.

Timaya, Empress Njamah at war again?

Once, Bayelsa State-born music artiste, Timaya and actress Empress Njamah were talk of the town on account of the love they presumably had for each other. Then, Timaya and Empress were so smitten, it was as if they could do no wrong.
 But how wrong we were or is it, they were?  Because before the love could find a place to nest time soon put it to shame as the couple not only went their separate ways, they also went for each other’s jugular.
 Empress and Timaya showed us in graphic details how soon love could become hate. How  one’s honey in one’s tea could be a vinegar in one’s vine. Then, they started tearing each other to pieces. The sweet words they shared became venom, with which one wanted to poison the other.

Jehovah Witness Man Kills Sister Over A Plot Of Land In Lagos

A member of the Eiye Confraternity and Jehovah’s Witness, Adeola Omotayo, 28, has killed his sister, Omotayo Rukayat Adedapo, 30, after a minor disagreement over a plot of land in Lagos State.

The incident happened at Rukayat’s residence, 22, Pasoku Street, Aga area of Ikorodu in Lagos. Preliminary investigation revealed that Rukayat was murdered in her room by her brother, who sells building materials at Sawmill in Itamaga, on Monday at about 6p.m., after they had an argument over the ownership of a particular piece of land.
A resident of the street who pleaded anonymity said she was found dead by her boyfriend when he came visiting after trying to reach her to no avail.
“We got to know of her death Tuesday night, over 24 hours after she was murdered. Her boyfriend only came to visit her on his way back from work when he found her dead and raised the alarm.”
PM News gathered that the night before the murder (Sunday), Adeola and his wife had visited Rukayat and they even ate in her house. Friends of the deceased said Adeola only visited to know where his sister stays since they had not been talking to each other in the last two years.

After his arrest and interrogation by police, Adeola confessed but said he did not kill his sister intentionally.

“I didn’t have the intention of killing her, she was my sister. If I wanted to kill her, I wouldn’t leave the knife at the scene and I would wear a glove to prevent my finger prints.The incident happened when we were dragging,” he claimed.
Rukayat’s younger brother, Abideen Omotayo, said he did not believe Adeola killed their sister alone and would want the police to further investigate the matter.
“I have an inkling he did not kill our sister alone. He used to be a member of Eiye Confraternity when he was studying at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, but was expelled around 2008 because of his involvement in cultism,” Abideen said.
But Adeola said the allegation that he killed his sister along with his cult members is not true because he has left and renounced his cult membership and is now a member of Jehovah’s Witness. Investigation revealed that his church is also at the same Itamaga area of Ikorodu.
A source at the Igbogbo Divisional Police Station, who did not want his name mentioned, said the case would be transferred to SCID, Panti, Yaba in Lagos for further investigation.
Information gathered further revealed that the late Rukayat who attended Ikorodu Grammar School, studied Transportation Management at LAUTECH, where she also did her Masters in 2013.
Rukayat, who was the class representative during her undergraduate years had the ambition of becoming the first lady of Nigeria. May her soul rest in peace. Amen!

UNN Lecturer Commits Suicide

A lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Dr Bede Opata has reportedly committed suicide over a yet-to-be ascertained reason, Thisday reports.

Sources within the university say the 38 year old law lecturer killed himself in his apartment within the town on Saturday July 19th but his body was only discovered on Sunday July 20th.

The lecturer who holds a doctorate degree in Law, hailed from Nsukka, Enugu state and was the son of a former Commissioner

Singer Waje's Boyfriend Dumps Her After Everything

Could it be that the guys wasn't away of this her grown up daughter before now? #Love&
It's always not easy to have a young Nigerian man date a lady who's had a baby out of wedlock, unless on few and exceptional cases. I think this is what might have happened to singer, Waje, as her boyfriend just broke up with her few weeks after she finally revealed her teenage daughter in the media.The busty singer is seriously heart broken and has been crying out...

Here's TB Joshua's Reaction To The New Anti-Gay Law

As news of the controversial law banning same-sex marriage continues to make headlines worldwide after it was signed into law by President Goodluck Jonathan, the renowned spiritual head of the Synagogue church in Lagos, Prophet TB Joshua has spoken out on the contentious issue.

“Judge not, so that you will not be judged,” Joshua began, citing Matthew 7:1 for Scriptural backing. “We should talk to people to be saved and not to die. I mean, we should talk salvation, not condemnation. The Bible is my standard.”

Through a new initiative on his ministries official Facebook page, with almost 900,000 fans, in which the cleric responds to people’s questions in an interactive session, he addressed the much debated question on same-sex marriage.
TB Joshua added: “If my parents were one, I would not have been given birth to,” he proceeded poignantly. “Those that are asking this question, (note that) if your parents were one, you would not have been given birth to. You that are reading me – if your parents were one, you would not be reading this today. God bless the reader and the hearer.”
His message is clear; being gay is not something we should encourage but we should not condemn any one

Maheeda! She’s coming for you- Model, Ify Jones shares na.ked photo online

Ify Yolanda jones an international model and cosmetologist posted a suggested photo on instagram unclad with  .the only form of clothing as chain sliding down her back

Nigeria’s 8 Most Over Exposed Celebrities

Nigeria’s 8 Most Over Exposed Celebrities
Click for Full Image Size1. Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh understands that Nigerian bloggers want news as they are unable to create for themselves, so she gives it to them. She always wants to be in the news. Tonto wants to be seen on TV. She wants to be heard on radio, so she ventured into singing. She wants to be seen on Twitter so she starts Twitter wars and goes controversial. She likes the media attention. She’s making money from it. This is one celeb that overexposure works for and she knows how to handle it.
Welcome to the 21st century in Nigeria. Smartphones are almost the same cost as Johnny Rocket’s Hamburgers. Sim cards are free. Internet services are fairly faster than Nipost’s emails. Information moves quicker than Daily Times’ newspaper vendors. This change is affecting everything. In the pre-GSM era, Nigerian Celebrities would pray for a spot on Saturday Punch or the other weekend tabloids for exclusive interviews or some amount of exposure. So, you were either good enough to compete with the Sunny Okosun’s and Onyeka Onwenu’s or you were frightening enough to hit the pages almost everyday as a Shina Rambo or you were controversial enough to share spots with Regina Askia on these newspapers. There was no internet. The masses kept abreast with entertainment news only a week after the papers had been discarded.

In this age, everyone has a Blackberry. Everyone has a blog. There are over 5000 entertainment blogs in Nigeria. Everyone wants to break the news but only a few get exclusive content so everyone copy-pastes whether it is true or a lie. In this era, everyone is a celebrity. If you hit the red carpet of events, and a hundred blogs can post your pictures, same pictures and repeat that procedure 4 times in a month, you are a celeb. You can make statements. Fashion statements. You can go to Twitter and start a Tweet war. Dahz all.

The problem with overexposure is that your news does not become news eventually and people go like “oh Tonto.. Now what? Unto the next abeg”. Who are the 8 celebrities in Nigeria who get more press, media attention than they need for their health. In no particular order, Segun Adekoye lists them below.

Click for Full Image Size2. Mercy Aigbe

On Nairaland, on the web, Mercy Aigbe pictures as much as the Google Search results for “Make Money Online”. The funny thing about Mercy Aigbe is that she can take hundred pictures of the same cloth at the same time on the same spot. Then came the issue of husband beating and the denials and video responses and press releases and ENOUGH of Mercy Aigbe already.
Click for Full Image Size4. Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa, a lady fair and fine. Toke is always on the news. On the red carpets. On her vlog which is becoming more widely accepted. On-air. Toke is practically in your ears, in your face… in your mouth. I believe she enjoys the media attention.
Click for Full Image Size7. Tee Billz,

Formerly fairly known as the Tiwa Savage’s manager, the tall dark dude has become more exposed than he should ever since he proposed to the “Love me Love me” crooner. Tee Billz has also posted pictures of himself using the toilet in Burj Al Arab in a gesture that signifies he’s realy seeking public attention.

Tiwa Savage Denies Dating Manager Tee Billz
Click for Full Image Size8. Jim Iyke

Even before he started his Jim Iyke Unscripted reality TV show, he had always been in one form or the other on the news. From occassional bouts with Blogger Linda Ikeji to controversial fashion statements he makes such as the one he wore to AMVCA, Jim Iyke should be one of those topping the list.

The Enigmatic Kenny Kunene

The Enigmatic Kenny Kunene
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)

Mega-rich Kenny Kunene is synonymous with big parties, bling and money in South Africa, so much so that he has even adopted the nickname 'Sushi King'.
The controversial businessman, when not flaunting his extreme wealth in public, also enjoys dabbling in a spot of reality television, further extending his legend across the land.
But the latest revelation from Kunene's over-the-top life comes straight out of his bedroom, with the son of an Evangelist admitting to having 15 girlfriends and being involved in open relationships with all of them.
While to the average man on the street the way Kunene lives his life may seem rather ridiculous, to Kenny himself, he is living the dream.
Scroll through the gallery to see Kunene, who recently Tweeted that he enjoyed being gang raped, with three of his girlfriends in skimpy attire, while he poses sitting on a throne, wearing a Hugh Hefner-esque robe...

Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)

Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)

Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)
Kenny Kunene - The Sushi King (© Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki)


Homosexuality and the law in Africa

Homosexuality and the law in Africa
Two Zambian men charged with having consensual gay sex were acquitted in a high-profile case Thursday
Homosexuality and the law in Africa
Gallo Images
Here are some facts about homosexuality and the law in Africa:
- Homosexuality is illegal in 38 African countries, including Zambia, according to Amnesty International, with punishment ranging from short jail sentences to the death penalty.
- In Mauritania and Sudan, homosexuality is an offence punishable by death.
- In Nigeria, displays of affection between homosexual couples in public are illegal and punishable by a maximum of 10 years imprisonment.
- Under controversial new laws in Uganda, same-sex relationships can be punished by up to 14 years imprisonment and a life sentence for multiple offences. The laws also prevent the support of gay rights by individuals, companies, media organisations, and NGOs.
- Since 2005, more than 50 arrests for same-sex conduct have been made in Cameroon, according to Amnesty. Suspects have often been detained and forced to submit to anal examinations.
- In Zambia, homosexual relations are punishable by jail terms of 15 years or more.
- Alone in Africa, South Africa's constitution forbids discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, apartheid and colonial-era laws prohibiting sodomy have been ruled unconstitutional and same-sex marriages are recognised.
By Sapa

Are You Growing Your Mo?

Are You Growing Your Mo?
South Africa's Reigning Man Of Movember: Anton Taylor
With the calendar a third of the way through the month of November, men and women the world over have probably gotten used to the month-long 'friend' that many 'mo bros' have sported below their nose this month.
For the uninitiated, Movember is the month in which participants from around the world bolster their efforts to raise awareness and support for cancer by growing a moustache for the length of the November month.
What started out as nothing more than a novel idea between 30 friends from Australia in 2003, has now grown into a huge, global network of hirsute individuals doing their part to 'kick cancer in the testies'.
Ten years after it's founding, had over 1 million registered participants in 2012. Even more astonishingly, the charity raised over R1.2 billion in the same year!
And of the 5 million estimated NGOs reportedly active in the world today, Movember has ranked in the Global Journal's top 100 for the past two years.
While the first of the month has since passed, it's not too late to do your part this November, by growing your own 'stache and help raise awareness for the remainder of the month.
Anton's 'Winning' Look In 2012
Anton Taylor is currently South Africa's very own representative to the moustache-growing world, having twice been crowned South Africa's Man of Movember, and in 2011, was even awarded the auspicious title of 'International Man of Movember'.
A hero to men everywhere and the choice of many a lady out there, Anton aspired to be like two of his heroes in his quest for moustache dominance: the manly duo of Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury.
Now having played an ambassadorial role for the best part of two years, Anton has shared a special video message with those out there eager to help fight testicular cancer and 'churlish little boy' syndrome.
It's not too late get involved this Movember. If you would like to join this great initiative, and be a part of a growing fashion trend for one month out every year, then go to, and help kick cancer in the testies!
Anton Taylor

Did Boity's Man Leave Her Because Of Nudes?

Did Boity's Man Leave Her Because Of Nudes?

Did boity's man leave her because of nudes?
Did boity's man leave her because of nudes?According to reports, Boity begged Greg (Who runs a band called GB Collective) to stay but it was to no avail, the rock singer has apparently decided to move to Ameirca, leaving Boity behind - and her sexy body is allegedly to blame!
A source close to the Sunday Sun said, “Greg told Boity she was embarrassing him by posting herself in swimsuits on Twitter and Instagram” Hawu but Greg you should be proud of your girl, those are some seriously sexy pictures- a compliment to you for picking the right one!
Meanwhile another insider added, “He (Greg) felt Boity’s sexy body was attracting a lot of attention and Boity promised to dress in a proper manner." So wait, is Greg blaming Boity’s body for bringing home the bacon?  If we didn’t know better, we’d say Greg is quite the insecure one in this relationship.
Reports have been circulating this week that Greg told her he had already made his decision to go to New York. Greg told Boity he wanted to start afresh – and far away from her.  Boity is heartbroken as she feels she was the cause of the breakup.  She wasn’t even at the farewell party!
Greg said via email. “Boity and I have always been and remain good friends.  Please, respect that.  Thank you.” Sunday Sun says Boity, who is currently living it up in Brazil, is miserable without her boyfriend but will focus all her energy on her new ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ gig.  Er, we're not sure about these reports that say she’s miserable because by the looks of her tweets she’s loving every single moment in Brazil!
Boity if this is true, we feel there is absolutely no need for you to feel guilty, you’re a working woman that needs to do what she has do to pay the bills.  Dust that dust of your shoulder and move onto the next.

Residents stone man to death

Residents stone man to death

Residents stone man to death

The man was killed in the early hours of Wednesday, at Mosengleng Section, Sergeant Kealeboga Molale said.
"It is alleged that the two suspects broke and gained entrance into a house.
"The owner was woken up by the noise in the house. When the suspects realised that the victim was awake, they ran away not knowing that some of the community members saw [what happened] and ran after them," she said.
"The community members managed to apprehend one suspect while the other ran away."
Molale said the man allegedly stabbed a community member with a knife.
"It is further alleged that the community stoned and beat the suspect to death. No arrests have been made at this stage."

Rihanna flashes bra for Germany

Rihanna flashes bra for Germany
Rihanna flashes bra for Germany
Rihanna flashed her bra at the World Cup Final on Sunday night (13.07.14) after Germany scored the winning goal.
The 'Rude Boy' singer attended the match at the Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and couldn't contain her excitement when Mario Gotze scored in extra-time to beat Argentina and earn Germany their fourth success in the finals.
Rihanna showed her support for the Germans throughout the game on her Twitter account and she even changed her profile pic to a sexy photo of her kneeling in a German flag-printed swimsuit in the grounds of a soccer stadium.
She captioned the picture: "For my German boys."
She also praised 24-year-old German forward Thomas Mueller and his teammate Mario for their performances.
She tweeted: "Mueller is always in the right position!
"Super mario baby [sic]"
Rihanna - who attended the final with supermodel Adriana Lima -also uploaded a selfie of her holding the official Budweiser man of the match award, which was later handed to 22-year-old Mario for his winning goal, captioning the image "man of the match goes to..."
The 26-year-old Bajan beauty was invited to party with the Germany team after the game and she got to meet "the shooter aka my hitta" Mario, got a double kiss from Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski and was allowed to hold the famous gold trophy by Miroslav Klose.
Rihanna wasn't the only celebrity at the showpiece game.
retired soccer legend David Beckham attended the final with his three sons, Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11 and nine-year-old Cruz - who all wore Argentina shirts.
Brazilian supermodel Gisele and actor Ashton Kutcher were also spotted taking selfies as they took their places in the VVIP enclosure, along with James Bond actor Daniel Craig.
Colombian singer Shakira headlined the closing ceremony - which featured around 1,000 performers - with an energetic rendition of her World Cup song 'La, La, La (Brazil 2014)'.
The 'Waka Waka' hitmaker looked stunning in a cut-out red sequinned gown and was joined on stage by a host of drummers and dancers. 


World’s Deadliest Foods

World’s Deadliest Foods
Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)
You may have heard that eating fugu (or pufferfish) is dangerous. But did you know how dangerous?
Let’s put it like this. The poison found in many of the internal organs of the fish - tetrodotoxin - is 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. A lethal dose is smaller than the head of a pin. Each fish could kill 30 people. Fugu chefs have to go through two or three years of specialised training before they can serve a delicacy that, incredibly, the Japanese can’t get enough of.
Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

We know they put some dodgy stuff in processed meat these days but can hot dogs really be up there with fugu in the deadly food stakes? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) they can. A couple of years ago the organisation classified them as a choking hazard.
Yep, the shape of hot dogs make them potentially lethal to small children. Nearly a fifth of food-related asphyxiations in young children are caused by hot dogs. The AAP even recommends a redesign for one of America’s favourite foods.

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

The much hated milk-based dessert that some of us grew up forcing down (which bears an uncanny resemblance to milky frogspawn) is made from the root of the cassava plant.
And as it turns out, we had good reason to hate tapioca, even though we didn’t know it. Prepared incorrectly the cassava plant can produce a deadly dose of cyanide. It’s fair to say our tapioca was always prepared correctly, in that it didn’t kill us. But that didn’t make it nice.

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

Ackee is a delicious Jamaican fruit but if you find yourself down that way don’t go picking it off the tree and scoffing it down willy-nilly. It might just kill you.
Unripe ackee is packed with a poison called hypoglycin, and eating it causes the self-explanatory Jamaican Vomiting Sickness, which can in rare cases lead to coma and even death. Even when the ackee are ripe avoid the toxic black seeds like the plague and stick to the yellow bit around them. Or maybe have an apple?

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

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We’ve all heard of peanut allergy - we may even have it. But its prevalence doesn’t make it any less scary. Around 1% of the population are thought to have the allergy which is the commonest cause of food allergy deaths. It’s getting more common, too. Cases of peanut allergy tripled in the first decade of the century

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

We’re always being told to eat more cabbage, lettuce, spinach and kale, which are universally recognised as some of the healthiest foods around.
So what are they doing in this list? Well, the fact is, leafy greens are also responsible for more than their fair share of food poisoning outbreaks, including Norovirus and E.coli. An American study published in January found that leafy greens caused more cases than any other type of food, including poultry and fish. About one in five illnesses were linked to leafy green vegetables

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

Rhubarb can be a bit tart if you don’t add enough sugar to the pie mix, but deadly? We’re afraid so. Luckily it’s not the stalks, which we more commonly eat, but the leaves, which we tend to discard. Various authorities advise steering well clear of the leaves, which contain poisonous toxins whether cooked or raw.

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

In this Korean delicacy the legs are cut from a live octopus, so they’re still wriggling as you scoff them down, raw. They’re not poisonous, but they’re still potentially deadly.
In about six cases a year, the suckers attach themselves to the insides of the throats of diners and suffocate them. Experienced sannakji eaters chew them well, swallow fast and drink plenty of water. Kinda takes the fun out of eating, don’t you think?

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

Frogs are eaten around the world, but this illegal Namibian delicacy (the giant bullfrog is a protected species) comes with a serious health warning.
The giant bullfrog is pretty much packed with toxins and Namibians eat the whole thing, give or take a bone or two. The toxins can lead to kidney failure, which can be deadly if not treated promptly. The only safeguard against it is to eat the frog at the right time. It’s said that toxin levels are at their lowest, and the frog safest to consume, after the third rain of the year.

Fugu (© Greg Elms-Getty Images)

Chocolate is lovely but contains a chemical compound called theobromine, which would be poisonous if we didn’t process it so well. The only danger most of us have from chocolate is eating too much and getting fat.
That’s not the case with pets though, who can’t process theobromine nearly so well (proving, surely, that evolution designed people to eat chocolate). Chocolate can kill pets, and dogs in particular (cats rarely eat it, but many dogs will eat anything). As little as 10 ounces/285 grams of dark chocolate - and even less if it’s baker’s chocolate - can be lethal. So for Rover’s birthday treat this year stick to a bone.


The Films That Made Me” returns to DIFF

The Films That Made Me” returns to DIFF
Khalo Matabane (© Supplied)

This year, DIFF is delighted to announce that it has invited acclaimed South African filmmaker, Khalo Matabane (director of ‘State of Violence’ and ‘Nelson Mandela: The Myth and Me’), to curate a selection of films he considers influential in his cinematic career to festival audiences. The films will screen at 9.30am every day from July 18 to 22 (venue details below).
Matabane explains his selection:
“Do the Right Thing directed by Spike Lee (1989) is a film that made a huge impact on me - the reason I became a filmmaker. It is personal for me – the race questions it raises are timeless, the humour and its stylistic approach.
“‘A Short Film About Killing’ directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski (1988) is a film that has haunted me for years - Mirosław Baka’s strong face, its strong anti-death penalty message and its artistic beauty. Kieslowski has made some other great films, such as ‘Three Colours: Blue’, but this film in particular has stayed with me.
“I am a big Scorsese fan. He is one of the few filmmakers whose early films I truly love with my head and heart. ‘Raging Bull’ directed by Martin Scorsese (1980) is a film about broken men, about violence and, I would argue, is the director’s finest film.
“Hitchcock is one of the greatest filmmakers in the world - period. I love many of his films, like ‘Psycho’, but ‘Rear Window’ (1954) is, for lack of better phrase, really a mind ****!
“The title of the ‘Decline of the American Empire’ (Denys Arcand 1986) I love because it captures the state of the world in which we live. Denys Arcand is truly an under-appreciated filmmaker.”
Khalo Matabane was born June 18, 1974 in Ga Mphahlele, a village in Limpopo, South Africa. He has directed numerous documentaries, drama series, campaigns, and commercials, and has taught about cinema and politics at schools. Along with his work as a filmmaker, Khalo Matabane also occasionally writes about cinema and politics.
His first feature film ‘State of Violence’ (2010) screened to critical acclaim at Toronto and the Berlinale. Set in Johannesburg, it is the story of a man whose wife gets killed in what seems like a random act of violence. He goes on a journey searching for the killers only to find out that he is the son of a man he killed in the 1980’s during the struggle in the township.
Khalo’s newest film, ‘Nelson Mandela: The Myth and Me’ will open the documentary section of DIFF on 18 July at 7pm at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. The film seeks to find out if Mandela’s philosophies of forgiveness, reconciliation and freedom resonate currently in a world that is plagued with injustice and social inequalities.
The Durban International Film Festival includes more than 200 theatrical screenings and a full seminar and workshop programme, as well as the Wavescape Film Festival, the Wild Talk Africa Film Festival, and various industry initiatives, including the 7th Talents Durban (in cooperation with Talents Berlinale ) and  the 5th Durban FilmMart co-production market (in partnership with the Durban Film Office).  For more information go to

Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa

Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa

Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Spotlight On Nollywood: Ukwa (© iRoko TV)
Ukwa is a village champion who goes to the city to live with his moneyed elder brother. Much to his horror he is relegated to the house driver, in his new abode.
Starring: Sam Loco Efe, Nkem Owoh, Patience Ozokwor, Rita Nzelu, Amaechi Muonagor, Chinelo Ndigwe, Stella Ikwuegbu
Director: Chika Onu