Did Boity's Man Leave Her Because Of Nudes?

Did boity's man leave her because of nudes?
Did boity's man leave her because of nudes?According to reports, Boity begged Greg (Who runs a band called GB Collective) to stay but it was to no avail, the rock singer has apparently decided to move to Ameirca, leaving Boity behind - and her sexy body is allegedly to blame!
A source close to the Sunday Sun said, “Greg told Boity she was embarrassing him by posting herself in swimsuits on Twitter and Instagram” Hawu but Greg you should be proud of your girl, those are some seriously sexy pictures- a compliment to you for picking the right one!
Meanwhile another insider added, “He (Greg) felt Boity’s sexy body was attracting a lot of attention and Boity promised to dress in a proper manner." So wait, is Greg blaming Boity’s body for bringing home the bacon?  If we didn’t know better, we’d say Greg is quite the insecure one in this relationship.
Reports have been circulating this week that Greg told her he had already made his decision to go to New York. Greg told Boity he wanted to start afresh – and far away from her.  Boity is heartbroken as she feels she was the cause of the breakup.  She wasn’t even at the farewell party!
Greg said via email. “Boity and I have always been and remain good friends.  Please, respect that.  Thank you.” Sunday Sun says Boity, who is currently living it up in Brazil, is miserable without her boyfriend but will focus all her energy on her new ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ gig.  Er, we're not sure about these reports that say she’s miserable because by the looks of her tweets she’s loving every single moment in Brazil!
Boity if this is true, we feel there is absolutely no need for you to feel guilty, you’re a working woman that needs to do what she has do to pay the bills.  Dust that dust of your shoulder and move onto the next.
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