Timaya, Empress Njamah at war again?

Once, Bayelsa State-born music artiste, Timaya and actress Empress Njamah were talk of the town on account of the love they presumably had for each other. Then, Timaya and Empress were so smitten, it was as if they could do no wrong.
 But how wrong we were or is it, they were?  Because before the love could find a place to nest time soon put it to shame as the couple not only went their separate ways, they also went for each other’s jugular.
 Empress and Timaya showed us in graphic details how soon love could become hate. How  one’s honey in one’s tea could be a vinegar in one’s vine. Then, they started tearing each other to pieces. The sweet words they shared became venom, with which one wanted to poison the other.
 Obviously crushed, Timaya was the first to show his distaste in public, saying he regretted dating the actress. But the beautiful actress would not have any of that as she fired back that her mother would have been the saddest woman in  the world if she had married Timaya.
 That was then and the lovers have since buried the hatchet and  moved on with their separate lives. Timaya has found a woman he made his wife and he seemed happy enough when he told me recently he  married the woman of his dream.  Empress on the other hand might not have found the man she is looking for but she seems happy enough, working on her acting career and running her House of Empress business venture.
 However, when I ran into Timaya a couple of months ago, I sounded the singer out and found there may still be a residue of feelings for the ebony beauty actress. Okay, I was mischivious and got talking with him about himself and Empress and what it was like, the fiery moment and whether a part of him still missed a part of her.
 Tell you something he told me? “I’m not missing anything about Empress. She’s my past and I have a beautiful family now. What is there to miss about her?”
I’m more concerned with charity works now-Empress Njamah
 I have always loved Empress Njamah. She’s beautiful, sexy and smart. But what I love most about her is her simple, down-to-earth nature, which takes in the steam of life and find a way to make it cool for herself and everyone around her.

 When I took the Timaya’s statement by her she simply replied that she isn’t interested in getting in a fight with anyone over little things. “I am beyond all these small talks. I’m more concerned with charity walks now. My interest in life is putting smiles on the faces of the deprived, the sad ones and those who need a helping hand”, she returned in a Blackberry chat.
 Truly, as controversial as the actress is or the media has made her look, Empress seems to have found a quiet place in her life and living life on a different plane from the old shambolic one. All we hear about her these days is visiting one Motherless Babies Home or visiting a Hospice.
“I run a charity foundation for the less privileged and women on wheel-chairs. And I have been doing this, using my personal funds, with no support from anyone for ten years now. Most Homes in Lagos know me and miss me. Since I moved to Abuja I have been building same here. I have over 1,300 kids on my watch with 150 of those on wheel-chairs” she told me.
 She said it is something God has called her to do. “My mum said she is not surprised because she saw the traits when I was growing up” she said, adding that that was all she wanted to talk about, not Timaya and ‘little talks’ as she put it.
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