Akpan Series: As i See Am {2} by @husband_materia

Na that time I come dey feel the straf as my body come dey do me sweeti-sweeti, I ginger carry her as she put her hand for my neck, na then I come begin dey san-paper her toto well,

I hang her for up while my prick dey dig inside her toto, na so Queen dey kiss me come dey call me
“Darling baby! My agidi! My tin tomato”
I dey hammer toto like panel beater dey knack iron, before I know na so she begin dey mess witout control as her head dey shake, me sef no ready stop anytime soon as the sweetness of her tight toto don carry me go, na so I fire down dey hammer her toto
“Wait Akpan my toto is are catch fire ooo!”
She jump comot from my body then carry the bottle water wey I dey use form big man wey get office open am begin pour inside her toto, true true me I know say her toto suppose pepper her because even the condom don burst since sef but she no know because the fuck don over sweet her, she pour the water finish stand there dey look my prick as the rubber from the condom wey don tear just dey one side
“You are carry saddam hussien for waist Akpan! Dis will destroy all the women in the estate and remain plenty for I, abeg no giving another dis wonderful prick, I collecting it as my personal prick as from today”
Na dat time I come know say I don catch this girl for job, I no fit imagine am say me Akpan go be king for dis life na why I fuck her with all my strength because as a king I suppose strong for bed, although me don tire I try ginger her make we continue from where we stop, she run go where her skirt dey for ground, pick the skirt up come say
“Waist is finished, all the alinement are destroyed, leave the match for another day”
I just happy for my mind then help her pick her bra wey she troway for ground wen my prick been dey sweet her, as I open the door I notice say Emma my second in command run go stand for gate side, him stand like soldier but him prick follow am stand too inside him trouser, that mean say Emma dey peep me him Oga, my friend wey dey army dey call am “insorbodination”, chie big english dey sweet if you sabi speak am, I just bow for my queen before she waka, I still turn see Emma dey look my Queen ikebe, as the dey shake as she dey waka, me I no trust all this ibo boys for this lagos, if I no stop dis boy now him fit go my back chance me, immediately I shout him name
“Emma! You bombastic element of mumurism, if I sound you one blow seven akpu you will appear here with so much alarkrity”
Immediately Emma run come inside my office then salute me
“Sir! Your boy is loyal to only your goverment alone! I don’t know the federal goverment because na you dey pay my salary”
Na so I train dem to dey answer me for this Revelation Estate, because here na my kingdom and if anybody jonse I go pursue am comot from here
“So you get mind come dey peep a whole C.S.O when I dey official duty abi?, na today I confirm say you no get fear, my woman dey go you dey one corner dey observe you wetin your Oga dey chop” I tell am
Him lie down for ground begin beg me
“Oga no be so! I knock for your door you no answer so I come open door to deliver message for you na im I see say you dey official duty, na dia I close door go back to my post” him say
My head nearly wan burst wen him confess dis tin, me and my queen dey fuck dis bloody civilian open door, chie! I don suffer for dis Revelation Estate
“You know say for army wetin you do now dem dey call ‘mutiny’?, infact I go remove 200naira from your salary and you go write apology letter to me before 12 O’clock tomorrow or you loose job here”
Emma no protest as I yan, him just salute me then waka comot, I know say the 200naira no be him problem but na the letter, him no even near nursery school gate when dem born am, atleast me I stop for primary two before I come know say book no be for people like me
Since that day me and my queen straf finish, she begin surprise me with money oh!, first day she just rush come inside my office drop something for my table then begin dey run outside immediately
“Using it my darling Akpan, my slave from the village is bring it for her queen to spend”
I count the money finish e be like say na eye problem dey do me, na im I go outside use water wash my face well then enter my office again then start to count the money again, wen I count am finish I realise say na clean fifty thousand naira wey dem neva disvirgin as the wrapper still dey intact, na dat day I confirm say true true she queen and she get her own kingdom, I no believe na so dat night I dress well come put Emma in charge of the gate as I say make I go cruise the town small, if ordinary slave go fit bring fifty thousand come give their queen for city that means for there village money brekete!, I don decide say na belle I go give my queen anytime I catch her for bed again, I go pour all my sperm till her toto go full reach the mouth.
I waka go Obalande, I here say na where all dis fuji musicians dey come sing, and I know say yoruba men dem dey like orobo like me, so I just dey parole the street na so plenty plenty fine fine girls just full the street, some wey bleaching cream don scatter dia body just dey mumu dey form oyibo, na so dem dey rub me hand for chest as I dey pass, be like say all of them get the same anthem cuz na one thing all of them dey talk
“I go do you well! I go give you back, I go suck your prick”
I waka sotey I reach the end of the street, na dia I come meet the senior ashawo dem, dis ones dem dey smoke igbo like say na cigar then dey drink beer, I just sight one heavy duty from where dem gather, if you see dis woman abi na girl she dey like yokozona wey dey fight wrestling, one of her breast big like my head, as I call her she stand up begin dey come meet me, one ashawo wey stand near me look me finish come say
“As you slim finish na dis one you wan carry! Big eye”
Why I no go get big eye when all these slim girl dia breast dey like slippers, as the orobo reach where I stand na so she begin rub me hand for chest, she carry my hand place for her fat waist, instantly na dia my prick stand
“You fit call another girl wey fat like you?” Na wetin I ask her
The orobo para immediately begin ginger
“So I no reach your taste na wetin you mean abi?”
I come begin cool her down
“No! Babe you dey follow me go house that one na sure, I need two of your type wey go follow me go make we knack better knack”
The orobo surprise as she smile then shake her head as she ask me
“You sure say you go fit carry two of my type for bed?”
Nothing vex me pass when people dey look me anyhow because I slim
“No b my money? Call another orobo wey dey like you, infact if she fat pass you e better” na wetin I tell her
She carry the igbo wey dey her hand smoke small then come enter that dark place she dey before, e no reach two minutes she come out with another orobo, if you see dis one you go know say fat get level, I wonder who sew the bum short she wear, e go reach like three yard of material wey she use sew her bum short, na so yansh full everywhere, her laps sef dey rub together as she dey waka, na dat type I dey like because her toto go hot and very red, that one come meet me where I dey then hug me even use her tongue lick me ear come tell me for ear
“Darling you go pay me 5k”
Me wey my head don run go jamaica as she lick my ear and I hold fifty thousand for pocket, I just look dia two come say
“I go give una two 7k each if una bring out mind fuck me, I need to faint like two times before morning”
The fat one wey wear bum short say her name na Cecilia, she just hug me again come still lick my ear again while the first girl wey I been call say her name na Dupe, Cecilia come say
“Make we high well so that we go fit do you well na!”
“No shaking baby! Una dey chill with Akpan the CSO of Revelation Estate so no fear” na wetin I tell dem
As dem follow me dey waka comot from the street na so people dey look me, from one corner I hear person shout
“You go die oh!”
Na wetin I want be dat, I want make dem notice me anywhere I go dis nite, as we enter one bar na so silence just dey the bar wey I bin dey hear noise before I enter, Dupe and Cecilia just open my button dey rub my chest as I order for drink, from nkwobi to catfish pepper soup or abi na snail or suya, nothing wey person dey chop no dey my table, na so we dey use beer even wash hand, we don drink until I look time come notice say na 12 midnight, I pay for wetin we don chop then carry the girls dem go one guest house wey dey for that Obalande.
As we enter room immediately of which I give dem complete, dem happy as I talk wetin I promise, I give them 5k each then keep the extra 4k ontop table say if dem faint me make dem collect the remaining 4k, Cecilia open the small purse she carry bring out weed and matches come light the igbo, their two begin smoke as dem dey romance me, Dupe drag the igbo small come look me
“Drag small so dat your morale go ginger too”
I collect the igbo from her then drag small, by the time this girls go smoke finish I don over high, next thing I see Cecilia and Dupe begin kiss themselves, I bin think dem bin dey joke but na wen Cecilia drag Dupe top comot come begin dey suck Dupe breast, na so Dupe just dey shout small small as her hand dey pull Cecilia bum short comot, omo like play dis girls don forget say I dey here, dem don nake completely Cecilia and Dupe dey suck each other breast the same time, while dem dey finger their toto for my front, I bring out my long prick wey don stand dey romance am as I dey watch wetin I dey see for blue film real life, Cecilia ginger as she comot her breast from Dupe mouth, she push Dupe make her back lie down for the bed, she come open Dupe leg then use her hand press her leg far away so dat she no go fit close her toto, next thing she begin lick Dupe toto! Her tongue dey move fast pass dog own, she lick Dupe toto like say na sweet, she go lick all as she use her hand spread Dupe toto then put her tongue inside then use her tongue dey fuck Dupe
“Ceciliaaaaa! Arrrrrghhh! You sabi suck toto kai! Suck me oh!”
Na wetin Dupe just dey shout, while Cecilia dey ginger dey go, she put two finger inside Dupe toto then begin finger her fast, infact Cecilia rough handle Dupe toto, I no believe say all those things I dey see for oyibo blue film say our naija babes dey fit do am.
Na so Dupe go manage raise her head up then stretch her hand, she go slap Cecilia for her fat yansh “Towai!!”, if you slap me like dat I fit cry but instead Cecilia go stop to suck then look Dupe come say
I no fit endure again as my prick don stand reach the full length, na so my prick just dey breathe, to show say the thing need action, I stand up go join this girls for bed, but no send me sef as dem dey do dia thing, I begin romance Cecilia fat yansh as she dey busy dey suck Dupe wey don hold hand for head already as the sweetness of Cecilia sucking don shack her, I just go back of Cecilia use my hand open her yansh so that I go fit see her toto, as I sight her red toto wey dey color like tin tomatoes, na so I socket my condom well then slowly put my prick inside her toto, she sef her body tell am say better prick don enter her body, na so she stop dey suck Dupe turn dey look me, Dupe dey ginger
“Continue na! Suck me na!”
“Wait! Wait! Dis guy prick don tear my toto!” Na wetin Cecilia talk
Dupe no believe wetin Cecilia talk as she sidon well while I dey pound Cecilia toto small small as she dey shake her head
“Comot your prick make I see abeg” Dupe tell me
“No! No comot dat prick oh! Continue wetin you dey, your prick na real better prick, you suppose dey act blue film”
I just smile as I take style comot the prick from Cecilia toto make Dupe see!
“Choi!!! Wetin you say be your name again? Abeg do fast come fuck me abeg” na wetin Dupe talk
I begin to dismantle Cecilia toto, As I hold her fat yansh so dat the thing no go shake anyhow, as I socket my prick inside I begin to pound her like say na wickedness, her fat yansh just dey bounce while she just dey wet dey go, Cecilia catch Dupe drag her again come open her leg, as I dey fuck her toto with all my strength na so she suck Dupe too, she use her two hand dey squeeze Dupe nipples while she dey lick her clitoris wey don stand too, I notice say her fat ass dey serve as shock absorber, na im I seperate the yansh come make sure say my full length enter her toto, as I begin fuck her like say tomorrow na she begin shout
“My womb! O boy! Seee fuck eeeh! ”
Dupe come sidon where I stand dey finish work na so she begin rub my chest, dey squeeze my nipple so dat I go release fast come enter her, but me I no even dey feel am, na that time Cecilia begin dey shout
“I wan release! I say I go release oh! Mummmy oh!”
Dupe begin slap slap Cecilia yansh next thing Cecilia remove her yansh from my prick begin dey shake her waist for bed as she dey shout
“I don cummmmm!”
Dupe slap my dick na so my prick begin shoot sperm like gun wey don spoil, all the sperm just dey land for Cecilia yansh and back, Dupe use the bedsheet dey wipe sweat comot from my face
“My turn now abi” she say
I still dey try get myself dis girl don carry my prick put for mouth begin suck am like say na sweet while Cecilia just lie down dey breath like say na 1500mtrs race she run and you know say this prick sabi mumu, small sucking wey Dupe suck the prick wey bin don fall begin dey stand back again!
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