Akpan Series: As i See Am {3} by @husband_materia

As Dupe suck the thing start na so she use hand begin romance my prick, her soft make prick stand gidigba!,

I come use my hand dey touch her for breast, she just look me wili-wili eye then come yan
“Akpan I want make you place me for this bed and scatter my toto with dis your big prick!”
Na smile I just dey smile because na from handshake we dey hear ‘welcome’, I go pieces her toto make she know say I dey para for bed, na so I drag her for leg as her back just fall for bed I don socket my prick inside! Na shout she begin shout because me if I wan punish woman na to give her all the length of my dick make she carry, I make sure say her toto full to the bottom with my prick before I begin dey whine waist, even iyanya sef no go fit whine the way I dey ginger dis Dupe toto, but wetin surprise me na the way she too wey dey under dey do her waist, e get as she go whine like dis her toto go hold my prick so tight then she go release my prick before she continue again. Na the first time I jam girl for bed and confirm say true true girl wey bring out her mind fuck you, na you sef go run, she dey slap my yansh and waist dey ginger
“Harddddder! I say fuck like a man o Akpan”
Omo a whole me Ette calabar na im wey she dey ginger me say make I fuck like a man upon how I don pound her toto like hot banga wey dey inside mortar, if na die I rather die ontop this sweet toto than to fall my hand, omo na so I begin dey chuk prick like say na sword, I dey hammer her toto the thing dey wet dey go but yet Dupe dey use her fat laps hold my waist round
“Until dis toto tear na wen you dey come down from here, fuck dis toto like say na rape no fear”
From gear five wey I been dey fuck na so I switch to gear twenty four, na so sweat cover my body heads to toe, I no pity myself I just dey bang her as she raise her head straight to my chest then bite one of my nipple, choiiii! That thing sweet me pass oyibo visa, next thing I know sperm wan come out oh!, I begin ginger with all my energy na so I release better hot sperm wey Dupe toto don over warm am, na so my eye do me like say e dey turn, as I say make I come down from bed na the last thing I remember as I pass out.
I wake up the next day come find out say the two ashawo dem don go, dem even pity me because out of the eleven thousand wey remain for my pocket, dem collect ten thousand leave one thousand for me, atleast I go get money pay transport go my office, I for trek tire that day had it been those ashawo dem no get good mind, I no dey vex sef as I spend the money because I know say soon I go be king and na me go dey control all the money wey dey my queen village, that time na six girls I go dey carry every night and na so I go tell dem to faint me.
As I reach office na so I see my second in commannd, him just run come meet me as I dey enter gate
“Oga! Morning sir, am loyal to your goverment o, but eziokwu the way this queen don dey find you, be like say some wey dey important na wetin she wan tell you”
I shock wen him tell me dis kind thing because I know say my Queen never come find me by 8O’clock before, she dey always meet me wey everybody don go, na so I enter my office open fridge wey dey dia carry juice wey my Queen give me tey tey begin dey drink wen I hear knock for my office door
“Who be that knocking at this hour am trying to rest” I ginger
“It is the Queen! Can I entering inside the offive”
Sharp sharp I rush go open the door of the office, as she enter na so I open hand to hug her this babe burn me hot slap, as I dey try ask am wetin happen she load me another hot slap, as a guy man I waka go back before she go use slap disfigure dis my chris brown face
“Baby why you just dey dash me slap anyhow dis morning?” I ask
“You be using money from I kingdom and spending on ashawo!, I not enough for you? I bring my mind and fucking and fucking you, yet are use money to find ashawo to fuck, maybe I find new king for my kingdom”
Another king wetin? Me I know wan hear say I miss dis kind jackpot because of jonsing, na so kneel down for ground begin beg her oh!, if na Ekaette she go get mind slap me talkless of me to beg her after she don slap me, I for don box her like mike tyson,
“Baby no vex! Na Oga Kyrian, that man wey dey leave alone inside estate, na him send me to go carry ashawo come for am, I no dey near dirty ashawo na, you alone na wetin I want for this my life”
I no even know how that lie take come out of my mouth but the lie gel na so I hold Queen hand begin beg
“Sorry my baby, oya smile for me my coconut water”
She begin dey smile na him I stand up come kiss her for mouth then ask her
” I hear say you dey find me since morning, wetin happen?”
She begin do yanga small as she dey smile dey look window before she come put hand inside the pocket of queen cloth, next thing gbam! Wetin I see na gold she bring put for table, gold necklace fit reach fifteen and then rings and earrings, I hold my hand for mouth because I nearly shout
“Slaves is bringing more from I kingdom, take it as a dashing gift, using it to buy the bus you is always headaching about, you know loving you too much”
Na that time I just know say na my destiny to be a rich man, because if person tell me say I go fit jam person wey dey run things with Queen Elizabeth for london I no go believe am, na so I carry her up come kiss her, she smile then kiss me back, if na to dey wash this girl pant me sef don sign am say na here I wan die put, sharply ontop that table and that gold I stay there fuck am one round before she tell me say make she go prepare my food for me.
I don call my hausa friend make him come tell me how much I fit sell all this gold, because I need to carry four fat girls that night, as I pour the gold ontop table for inside my office, aboki jump up look me
“Walahi! Kai Akpan”
I stand dey look Aboki sotey me sef confuse why aboki dey run
“Wetin happen mallam? Why you dey run” I ask am
“Akpan dis I gold na better gold kwo!, if I change am I fit hold am for almost one million two hundred and fifty naira”
I just sidon dey look the gold, I no believe say I go be millionaire for this world, wetin my papa and him papa no fit do, mbok! I try well well atleast I be millionaire at 45yrs wetin nobody for my full village don do!, infact I go rule two kingdom, I go rule my Queen kingdom then carry hundred thousand give our king for my village me him give me him crown too.
I don hide that gold where nobody go see am, even ghost sef no fit see where I hide am, I just carry one necklace and ring make I take enter town then sell am to aboki so that I go fit use the money carry five girls, as I baff up they comot from my office na so I see police van dey blow horn for get, I open gate them drive enter the estate then come down come meet me
“Are you the CSO here?” Him ask me
“Yes Officer na me dey rule for dis cabal” I answer am
“Well someone had called us here base on a robbery attack and we are here to investigate the case of missing gold worth over two million naira”
I nearly piss for knicker wen the army man talk about the missing gold because evidence dey my pocket as me and am dey talk, even my aboki friend sef wey I dey tink say na mumu wan job me because him lie say na one million naira the gold be while army man dey tell me the truth, e no tey dia van wey enter inside estate come out and look for the back of the van come see my yori-yori, my coconut water, my oyibo visa in lagos as she dey under handcuff, chie! Immediately cold catch me, I say make I turn run because I know say just ordinary stroke of army man koboko she go confess, na so I stand where I dey ask my leg dey shake, as the van reach where I dey the army men dey discuss na so Queen just look me come say
“Even if I spending entire life in jail, I no for telling dem I giving you the gold, I too loving you Akpan”
I just shake my head as the van carry her dey comot from estate, I vex say dem carry the Queen wey wan give me kingdom to rule, na so I waka go meet my second in command
“Come I think say dem no dey arrest Queen and king put for prison?” I ask am
“Oga! Am loyal to your government alone! This girl wey dem carry comot she be queen?” Him ask
“You are a moron plus hardcore mumu! Abi you no dey see with your two eyes as she dey always dress like queen”
Omo the guy burst laff even dey hold him belle sef join
“Oga! She be chef! And chef mean person wey dey cook for house, na so people wey dey cook for oyibo dey dress”
Na dat time I come know say Queen no get kingdom, she like me na why she dey give me money, and na me put her for dis wahala becuz na me begin dey hail her say she queen.
Well that one no mean say man wey don wear shoe to go flex no go flex again, I dey go paint dis lagos red tonight, dem go know say Akpan the true son of his local father don enter town!
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