Tee A Calls Davido “A Fool” At Miss Global Nigeria 2014

The famous comedian couldn't understand why some music videos don't tell the true story behind the song's lyrics
Davido is a big fool - Tee A
Nigerian comedian Tee A calls music star Davido a big fool after the comedian couldn't understand the concept behind the singer's “Aye” musical video.
At the 2014 Miss Global Nigeria held in Lagos, Tee A tried to explain to his audience why Davido's award winning song “Aye” ended up being shot in a village and not in an urban city like Lagos.
If you are lost, here is the gist. Davido sings about a girl who doesn't want his expensive gifts and lifestyle – a Ferrari car, no designer fashion stuff etc – but is solely interested in his love alone. Then his video comes out and its shot in a village setting.
According to Tee A, why would a village girl not want your love when she first of all has no idea what a Ferrari car or designer brands are? He asked, “why didn't he [Davido] shoot that video in
Lagos where the 'bad' girls are? It could have made much sense since they know what those riches are... So if they deny those riches for your love alone, that's the true AYE!”
In other words, perhaps the comedian just sent a strong message to all Nigerian music video directors to please shoot videos which tie to the lyrics of the songs they are shooting videos for.
Not so bad, Tee A, Brilliant message!
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