Chris Brown's "Loyal" Heading To 100 Million Views On YouTube!

Chris Brown at West Hollywood

Chris Brown at West Hollywood

Despite being in jail for more than 100 days, his fans were definitely still very loyal!

Chris Brown's massive hit track, "Loyal" is almost hitting a hundred million views on YouTube just less than five months since its release.
The singer who's been showing massive appreciation to his fans all over the world for their faithful support to his music, has also been doing a great job publicizing how fast his hit single is conquering world music.
"Loyal" is currently close to 99 million views (98,875,376) on the music video site via Vevo and fans are very sure it will soon hit the 100m mark!
Brown spent over 100 days behind bars for

violating his probation in the Rihanna case but it looks as if, every single day he languished in jail, his single gained over a 100 views per day.
We say congrats to Breezy and cant wait ti celebrate his big million on Vevo

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