The Thing In Between Your Thighs (Spontaneous Series 1)

He latched the sweat that skidded off my jaw and brazenly fell on my nipple, he grabbed my right boob the way a child seated in the bosom of his mother would clutch the breast and suckle from it.
His tongue spiralled around my areolas sending me into an ecstatic state of sexual gratification that made my feet weak.
I melted like a candle in the fire of his consuming passion that swerved between pain and pleasure, changing lanes at will while I stood in the midst of this bearing the stint of wrath that came with it “You need my 9 inches?” He asked as he let my throbbing nipples stranded in the midst of his upheaval pleasure. He knew the answer, yet he asked the question. He was my slave master and I; his willing slave that was not bound to any chain but was willing to do whatever he instructs.
Shyly I shook my head in the affirmative and that seemed to put a feather on his brewing ego “Oya! Here it is, come and get it out yourself” he said. Pointing at the huge mountain that sprouted in his crotch. I stretched my hands while his body tilted towards my right hand, I fiddled with the hook of his belt for minutes. Too tensed and in dire anticipation to see what lies inside his trouser made my hand quiver. When I had scuttled with his belt for minutes and finally dipped my hand inside his boxers, the warmth I felt from inside his pants made a smile sneak out from the corner of my lips and then I grabbed it.
This was one of the most prized asset I have ever grabbed in my palm. Measuring almost 7inches and thick like the hose the firefighters used in extinguishing fire : I needed the fire raging inside me to be put out abruptly, when I held that masterpiece I knew this was the right tool.
“Bend down jor! Don’t just stare it, kneel down and suck it like your life depends on it” he said boast-fully
Three months ago, if he had said this three months ago, I would stand up, stare him in the eyes and caution him with a resounding slap. What changed? Ever since I met Wesley, I became the pun in his chess game. He dug deep inside of me, sifting through piles of serenity until he struck the rusty part of me that I never knew existed, he turned me into a slave, a sex slave. Anal’s and cum swallowing became a fest I craved for, an alley I would never had walked even if chased by a serial killer. He met me when I was on a self-destruct mission, after the treacherous path Dave who happened to be my past as the time had led me through, so his ill distraction was all I needed.
I knelt before his majesty, mouth wide open while he shoved it deep into my mouth. The salty-sweaty taste of his pound of flesh in my mouth made me choke. I tried to cough but he was swift with his movement, he grabbed my head with a firm grip and began to thrust deep into my mouth, gagging me with each stroke. I grabbed his scrotum and squeezed it so hard that he was writhing in pain when he left me “Bitch! Bitch! Shit! Who the fuck does such insane stunt in bed, I like crazy but not this muthafucker!” He yelled. I remained unperturbed as I stood up, slowly pulled my shirt and skirt off, turned towards him with every boldness I could muster
“You need my sweet pussy? Stop screaming like a woman and come get the best of this” pointing at the black turf of pubic hair on my pussy mound.
He shook his head as he walked towards me, turned me around with my back facing him, he grabbed my hips and gesticulated that I bend. Obeying him was certainty. Unknown to me he had grabbed his belt with his right hand, he used his left hand to path my butt cheek, slowly he delved into my wet milky-ways. Let out a grunt while he slowly jerked his hip back and forth, when the sensation began to build blocks of unguarded sweetness and I was letting out moans, I felt the sharp fang of the belt on my butt, he whipped my butt so hard that I tried to run but his firm grip on my hip magnet-ed mine to his as he dug viciously into my honeywell.
I have never felt such cocktail of pain and pleasure before, it made my cum drool down my thighs while kept on going, pushing the bars of my pleasuring realm farther than I had ever imagined, I relished every moment while tears came cascading my cheek as he stretched both arms wrapped from my back to grab both nipples and milked sensuous frenzy into my being as I jammed my butt against each of his hard strokes.
“Dave! Dave! Fuck me Dave!”
Did I call him Dave? Shit! His name is not Dave. How did I make such grave mistake? When I tried to apologise, this was what I said
“Dave am sorry…sorry I ermmm…wesley am…shit!”
He pulled out his cock, turned towards his television and said “So you can’t get that bastard off your head?” I tried to wear a puppy face and beg for forgiveness when he decided it was time for him to throw the baby and the tub together, he turned facing me with a stern look and said slowly in a low tone “Dave is my kid brother.”

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