Dis Kain Love

He stared at the rope dangling from the fan one last time, heaved a sigh laddened with sorrow as he drew a side stool and climbed on it.
Where did he go wrong? He thought to himself. How the love he nurtured brewed into hate,
discord and outright murder was one he couldn’t pick the pieces of his shattered dream to sew into something meaningful. She told him she loved him and he was sure those words were armed with an emotion sprouting for a place so blissful as her eyes were glazed with passion anytime the word “I love you” reeled out of her mouth. Accusations of infidelity became the grease that spiralled their ‘love boat’ into the murky waters of distrust and unending fights.
She pointed out his flirtatious lifestyle to him, he denied but deep down the glaring truth stared at him with fixed a gaze that made his conscience batter him at every point. ‘It’s just a fling’ that was the cloak he hid under to console himself. Tables turned and life’s cruel hands placed him at the receiving end and gagged him with the same meal he served her.
Late nights, phone password-ed to the standard of the security level of the Barclays bank. He was saddened by her actions yet she remained unfettered as she made it obvious that her love for him had left the train station. ” Dave I am pregnant” she told him over dinner, he stood in his own pool of confusion, “Wow” was all he could mutter, the nights that followed left him in thoughts. “Is that baby mine?” these words barged into the serenity his life once had. One late night from her was enough opium to his doubts, he stood by the door with a machete clenched firmly on his right hand “End it all” kept echoing through his head fuelling his heart with red-hot hate.
A car veered off the road and came to a halt right in front of his house, he heard the “Kpum!” sound of the car door been locked, he heard as she greeted their neighbours who were seated outside. Now certain that it was her, he got ready with his machete. The clicking sound of metal as her keys mated the door lock was the only sound that filled the void.
She pushed the door handle and walked in unaware of the evil that laid siege. He raised his hand and went for the kill, his machete missing her by the whiskers as she screamed loud, jumped out of the house and ran into the already startled neighbours that had gathered. He ran after her with the machete while a brave neighbour wrestled him to the ground as they rolled from one end to the other until he was able to remove the machete from his hand.
The neighbours tried to pacify the situation, he remained adamant with his decision “She must go or I kill her” and She choose the former instead. That night hurriedly she packed her clothing, swearing and cursing her stars for bringing her such bad luck.
“Yes, Hello! Come and pick me. I am leaving this foolish man” he heard her talking to someone over the phone while he laid on his bed waiting patiently to shut the door behind her.
Startled to reality from the dreamland he had journeyed into in his sleep, he flashed a quick look at the clock and it was 4:35am. He came down from his bed and walked into the living room, there he met a gory sight. Her throat was slit open as her blood had emptied itself from her body, her eyes popped out as the stench from the now coagulated blood filled the air.
He didn’t kill her, that he was certain. He looked outside and the gate of their compound was locked. The way her body was placed gave out all indications that it was a re-arranged scene. He flashed a quick look at himself and saw blood on his shirt, that’s when it dawned on him that his pyjamas was covered in blood, his wife’s blood.
Convinced that the world won’t believe an iota of his un-knowing of his wife’s death, he decided to to hang himself.
Standing on the side stool with the rope that encircled his neck, he let out a silent prayer, closed his eyes as he kicked the stool under him away. His body suspended on the tiny rope and the strangulation process proceeded. Shortage of air, images of his past flickering at intervals while the pain from the rope assured him of death that was imminent. His body writhing as white clouds that escorts one to the great beyond moved closer in his eyes, that’s when his weight pulled both the fan and the ceiling as they all crashed to the ground. The cloud of dust that followed left vision impaired for few minutes. Something in that dust scrambled and ran for safety, it ran into an adjoining room. Dave was certain his ears weren’t playing tricks on his, he followed the object on impulse. In hot pursuit he pushed the door open and here was his wife’s boss Segun gasping for breath.
He was covered in blood too! Rankled by that sight, Dave launched an attack on him as they got into a heavy brawl. Convinced that he might kill him too as Segun who was potbellied and looked weak was vicious with quick blows to the head that’s when he raised an alarm for help “Killer! Thief o! Killer!”

Cred #HBM
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