How To Decode A Modem

If you have a locked internet modem and would like to use the SIM card of any network with it, you can easily get this done by unblocking the modem directly with a modem unlocking software or using a generated unlock code to decode the modem.

Huawei modems can easily be unlocked compared to ZTE modems. If you enter the imei number of your huawei modem into an huawei unlocker, the unlock code will be generated for you which you will use in decoding your modem. There are also some websites where you can generate modem unlock codes online.

Wondering how you will know if your modem is Huawei or ZTE? Just look at the body of the modem.

If you have an huawei modem, you can drop your imei number via the comment form below and I will reply you with the unlock code. If you don't know it, you can check out this video on how to get the imei number of a modem.

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