How Can I Crack Glo Bolt Modem To Universal Modem?

                    Price of glo bolt modem

Right from the day I published the features and price of Glo Bolt modem, I keep receiving emails and text messages from some of my blog readers, asking me how to unlock the Glo Bolt modem, for them to be able to use any SIM card of any network with it.Unfortunately, I am yet to lay my hands on the new Glo Bolt modem. The modem is not yet available at Gloworld offices here in Benue as at the time of publishing this post. Though there are rumors that Glo Bolt modems cannot be unlocked for now been E303 Huawei modems but I cannot confirm this, not until I try cracking the Glo Bolt modem by myself.
Pending the time I buy my own Glo Bolt modem, if you already have one with you  and want to unlock it to become universal modem, you can try using the 3G modem unlocking softwares out there which include the DcCrap softwareHuawei modem unlocker and the Universal master code.Try the unlockers above and let me know if you are able to unlock your Glo Bolt modem.  If you've unlocked yours using any other trick or software not listed above, please let me also hear from you via comments.You can check out steps to take after unlocking internet modems for you to know how to configure your modem with the internet settings of other networks.Cheers!
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