Fisherman Catches Massive White Whale Shark


Whale sharks are protected in China due to dwindling in number and black market salesmen are punished with hefty fines. But when fisherman Cai Chengzhu, 48, spotted this 16-foot-long, two-tonne beast, he could not resist having a go.

He heaved it to shore and dragged it to the street. Regulation states the valuable whale sharks, which can live for up to 100 years, should be set free immediately if caught.

But Cai, from Xianghzhi, in the far-eastern province of Fujian, admitted he planned to sell the creature from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan (around £1,000 to £2,000)
He told local media he did not know it was a whale shark. ‘The giant creature broke our net and got inside to eat the fish we caught,’ he explained.

‘As you can see it had eaten a fair few but after being trapped in the net, it had died.
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