Trailer Premiere For Game Of Thrones Season 3 and What To Expect

HBO has finally released the trailer for Game Of Thrones Season 3 which is something lots of people have been waiting to see. Though only a minute long, the trailer shows the main characters in the books all ready to continue playing the game of thrones while trying to beat and in some cases outsmart the other.

Here’s a bit of an update linking the end of season 2 and what to expect in season 3.

The Wall: “Winter is Coming”… we heard that the first two seasons and like we saw at the end of season 2, The Others have finally come out giving the men wall something to brood over.

Tyrion Lannister (The Imp): Having survived the war against Stannis with a huge gash on his face, Tyrion has to live with being replaced as the hand of the King by his father, Tywin Lannister, whom he represented and who now calls the shots at Kings Landing though difficult as some might be for any of them.

Sansa Stark (Little Bird): One of my least favorite characters so far, after refusing to escape from Kings landing with Sandor Clegane (the dog) she has to deal with being removed as Joffrey’s betrothed wife which now makes her available as a pawn in the game.

Catelyn Stark: After releasing the Kingslayer, Jamie Lannister to return to Kings landing in an exchange for her daughters Arya and Sansa, Catelyn now has to face her son Robb, the King of the North, and see the repercussion of her action.

Robb Stark (King Of the North): After getting married to another lady despite giving his word to Lord Frey to marry one of his daughters, Robb is now having to deal with some of the tough decisions that come with being king.

Jon Snow (Ned Stark’s bastard): After being taken by the wildlings, he gets to meet the king beyond the wall, Mance Rayder, and has to work on becoming one of them which might prove more difficult than expected.

Arya Stark: On the run with Gendry and hot pie, she looks to put a wide gap between herself and Harrenal (where she escaped from at the end of season 2) and try to get to the North where she would be safer. Only problem is the game of thrones now has many players making it difficult to know whom to trust

Bran Stark: With his home Winterfell taken over and presumed dead by all, Bran has to try and survive on his own and at the same time look for a way to get to the wall where he hopes to learn how to control his new powers.

Daenerys Targaryen: With nothing to keep her in Qarth, Daenerys heads back to Magister illyrio (whom she and Visery’s stayed with before moving out with Khal Drogo) with her growing dragons (now capable of flying)

All i can say is check out the trailer below and expect to be knocked off your feet by the story when it premieres on the 31st of March.
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