Meet Ronnie and Donnie Galyon who hope to become the World's Oldest conjoined Twins [PHOTOS]

A set of 62-year-old conjoined twins from Ohio are preparing to become the world's longest living duo as they hit a massive milestone this weekend.Ronnie and Donnie Galyon, the oldest living conjoined twins, will overtake the age of their heroes, Thai twins Chang and Eng Bunker, as they turn 62 years, eight months and seven days on Friday. The Bunker twins died in North Carolina in 1874 aged 62 years, eight months and six days.Then later this year, the duo from Beavercreek, Ohio hope to be recognized as the world's oldest ever conjoined twins as they reach their 63rd birthday.Guinness World Records says the record is held by Giacomo and Giovanni Battista Tocci, who were born in Italy in 1877 and lived to be 63.

They have four arms and four legs and separate hearts and stomachs but share a lower digestive tract, a groin, a rectum and penis, over which Donnie has control.The twins were born healthy in Dayton, Ohio in October 1951 but stayed in the hospital for two years as doctors tried to figure out how to separate them. But when they said they could not guarantee both babies would survive an operation to part them, the parents said they would stay as they were.The men agree that was the best decision.

'The good Lord made us,' Ronnie said. 'Let our savior do it.'
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