Kanye West’s Album Emerged Best Album Of 2010-2014?

The American super star and fashion icon Kanye West maybe more renowned these days for his marriage to Kim Kardashian,but he is indeed a musical genius.
Kanye West, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album has been named the best album released between 2010-2014 ,according to Billboard..This was the album he released shortly after his breakup from Amber Rose..
“Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is brimming with unforgettable singles like “Power,” “Runaway,” “All of the Lights” and “Monster,” yet West’s fifth album is much more than its collection of searing beats and nasty guest appearances.
MBDTF is the complete, utterly candid portrayal of a polarizing musical genius, a man unafraid to curse off SNL and equally unflinching in his admission that he is lost in the world.
Many moments on MBDTF stun, from the opulence of the “Devil In A New Dress” beat to the “What’s a black Beatle anyway, a fucking roach?” line in “Gorgeous,” but the sum of these parts is otherworldly”
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