More on Beyonce and Jay Z's impending rumoured divorce

Despite sharing this pic of her nail art with her husband's initial on it (pictured left), NY Post is still insisting that Beyonce and Jay Z are separating soon and we should expect a divorce announcement anytime now as lawyers have been called...
Jay Z, Beyoncé, concert promoter Live Nation, HBO - and no less than four lawyers have attended an emergency meeting Thursday to address the couple’s rapidly imploding marriage, The Post has learned.
But while execs at the Thursday session wanted to put out a statement, Jay Z and Beyoncé declined - because they couldn’t agree on what it would say.
Now officials fret that the couple’s $100 million On the Run Tour might be canceled before its scheduled finale.
"This may not make it to San Francisco,” a source said. “I’m definitely not sure that they’ll make it to Paris.”
It’s gotten so bad that the couple are living separate lives even on the tour. "They’re not just staying in different hotel rooms, but they have booked separate hotels, and they arrive separately to each show,” the insider said. Time will tell.

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