Music : Gifted - Eze Ndi Eze ft. Bishop Rayvic


Gifted is a gospel minister, recording artiste, a worshiper and a praise radical. She hails from Ebonyi State. based in Port Harcourt.

her brand new single "Eze Ndi Eze (King of kings)" is a quintessential worship song, consists of three languages; Igbo, Youruba and Ghanaian language.

in her recent interview at a prestigious radio station in Port Harcourt where she went to talk about her music projects and the inspiration behind her brand new single "Eze Ndi Eze", this is what she had to say; "The inspiration behind this song Eze Ndi Eze (king of kings) came when I embarked on divine assignment and i was in need of God intervention, I was about given up when the word came - idighi agbanwe agbanwe Eze Ndi Eze (meaning; I have never change or I will never change king of kings) and the Yoruba part I didn't know what I was saying until someone interpreted it. He was the king of kings indeed in that project, I couldn't explain how it happened till day.

My musical background was a strange one to me because I never wanted to be a musician or music minister. it was a divine assignment (calling). the vision came 2014 and that was when I started singing till date.
I released my first album 2016 titled UNTO US and a video of one track Titled YOUR LOVE aka AM HUNGRY" she said.

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