Unbelievable! Customs Officials Catch A Woman Carrying Her Dead Husband’s Intestines Inside Airport

In what will come across as a really shocking development, a woman has been caught with her dead husband’s intestines.

Serious drama ensued recently at an Austrian airport after a woman was discovered with human intestines.
The weird discovery was made by customs officials at the airport.
According to Daily Mail, Customs officials, discovered the woman, a Moroccan, carrying intestines believed to be her deceased husband’s in luggage.
The woman claimed she wanted to test the tissue to see if he was poisoned.
Daily Mail reports that the woman, who had travelled from Morocco to Graz Airport, Austria, was passing through customs when officers thought she seemed nervous.
Officials then asked to inspect her luggage and according to the Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung, that is when they found the entails.
The intestines had been carefully wrapped and placed inside two receptacles.
The woman then told officials that the organ had belonged to her dead husband, who was also a Moroccan national.
The unnamed female passenger then went on to explain that she suspected that her dead husband had been poisoned.
She added that she wanted a toxicology analysis of his tissue carried out, so decided to travel with the body part.
Austria’s ministry of finance, which oversees customs in the country confirmed the discovery, but police said they had not been asked to intervene.
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