Dear readers: I'm supoosed to marry in Oct. but another woman is pregnant for my man

From a female LIB reader
I have fixed my wedding for October here in the UK but I just found out that another lady is pregnant for my fiance back home in Nigeria. She's six months pregnant, due to give birth in October, same month I am getting married. To say that I am devastated is putting it mildly. I am so hurt that I've shut myself from the outside world. I am now so confused as to what to do. He has been begging me since I found out not to cancel the wedding. The pregnant lady actually contacted me via Facebook to tell me she's having my man's baby and when I confronted him, he didn't deny it. I have been with this man for three and a half years and all my family and friends have contributed one way or another to this wedding. The invitations haven't gone out yet, but all our people know the wedding is for October. I am so confused. Should I cancel the wedding? My female friends are telling me not to but surprisingly, my mum wants me to. What should I do?
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