Man left his 1-Year-Old Daughters In A Hot Car So He Could Have Sex

Police caught the 47-year-old father having sex with a woman while his twin babies were crying in the car 
A man from Virginia is in trouble with the law after he left his little children in a hot car and went off to have sex.
Juan Munford held a woman against a wall and was involved in intercourse with her while his twin daughters cried in the car.
The 1-year-old girls were seen by neighbours who called the police to inform them about the children left in the car with no adult in sight.
However, when the officers arrived the scene, they caught the guilty dad entangled with his lover near the car.
The girls were taken to a hospital and then into protective care while their father and his companion were charged with indecent exposure.
Munford also faces charges of child endangerment.
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