Are You Growing Your Mo?

South Africa's Reigning Man Of Movember: Anton Taylor
With the calendar a third of the way through the month of November, men and women the world over have probably gotten used to the month-long 'friend' that many 'mo bros' have sported below their nose this month.
For the uninitiated, Movember is the month in which participants from around the world bolster their efforts to raise awareness and support for cancer by growing a moustache for the length of the November month.
What started out as nothing more than a novel idea between 30 friends from Australia in 2003, has now grown into a huge, global network of hirsute individuals doing their part to 'kick cancer in the testies'.
Ten years after it's founding, had over 1 million registered participants in 2012. Even more astonishingly, the charity raised over R1.2 billion in the same year!
And of the 5 million estimated NGOs reportedly active in the world today, Movember has ranked in the Global Journal's top 100 for the past two years.
While the first of the month has since passed, it's not too late to do your part this November, by growing your own 'stache and help raise awareness for the remainder of the month.
Anton's 'Winning' Look In 2012
Anton Taylor is currently South Africa's very own representative to the moustache-growing world, having twice been crowned South Africa's Man of Movember, and in 2011, was even awarded the auspicious title of 'International Man of Movember'.
A hero to men everywhere and the choice of many a lady out there, Anton aspired to be like two of his heroes in his quest for moustache dominance: the manly duo of Tom Selleck and Freddie Mercury.
Now having played an ambassadorial role for the best part of two years, Anton has shared a special video message with those out there eager to help fight testicular cancer and 'churlish little boy' syndrome.
It's not too late get involved this Movember. If you would like to join this great initiative, and be a part of a growing fashion trend for one month out every year, then go to, and help kick cancer in the testies!
Anton Taylor
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