Lindii – Salama (Peace)

Lindii is a talented singer; the fourth girl born to the Adams. She hails from Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria and has spent a major part of her life, schooling and making the most of life from the North-Eastern parts of the country.
As a Child, music has always been a mode of inspiration, expression and communication to the world around her as she inspired her audience with life performance of her varied genres of music. At a time, she was ousted of the church choir for being underage and later took her music to some needy audience behind the prison walls when she joined the Prison Ministry. With time, her music caught a vast audience outside the walls reaching out with her songs of forgiveness, peace, love, and hope. Lindii has shared Concert stages with a lot of Good performing artist like Tuface, P Square etc and was casted in a Nollywood movie (“The Breakout” featuring Late JT Tom West, Desmond Eliot, Akume etc.
The situation in her state could not stop her even after losing loved once, relatives, and friends to the insurgences; once more she has a message of peace for everyone both victims like her and others who live in the fear everyday brings.

‘Salama’, meaning Peace, is a new smash hit on her promo CD which has been released recently, and it’s aimed at reaching out to the victims of the ongoing insurgences and conflicts in Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, and most other states of Northern Nigeria as a whole. Peace is what we pray for and work towards as it’s her life.
Salama is Lindii’s way of pouring out her heart and desire for Peace to the troubled minds…and reassurance for hope: a prophecy that all will be well…again
As a way to back up her expectation for peace, she also has another track where she cried out the need for all of us to make necessary changes in our ways to make our society better. This was titled, “Make that change”.
She is currently working on releasing an album which comprises various songs and genres of music, bringing out the beauty of Nigeria, and emphasizing on the power of the woman.

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