See Lady Gaga Looking Unhealthy And Nak’ed In New Racy Photo

lady gaga leaked NL1 500x281 See Lady Gaga Looking Unhealthy And Naked In New Racy Photo

Did the pop star try to fool fans that she was slimmed when she actually hid the original pic?

Lady Gaga; retouched (L) and unretouched (R)
Lady Gaga once told Glamour Magazine in 2012, “I always have been [conflicted about my body]… And some days are better than others, you know? Some days I feel fantastic. Today’s good. [But] at the end of the day, I’m a tortured soul.”
Well, the pop super star is currently in the mix of a Photoshop fraud after an original image showing her fluffy body discredited a recent picture of Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Germanotta, looking unnecessarily skinny and curvy landed on a popular blog this week.
The unretouched photographs of Lady Gaga posing for a 2009 magazine shoot reveals she was airbrushed to appear slimmer.

Not only were centimeters shaved off the 29-year-old’s already enviable figure, but – most shockingly – she was given a dangerously protruding rib cage.
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lady gaga leaked NL2 See Lady Gaga Looking Unhealthy And Naked In New Racy Photo
Lady Gaga new photoshop fraud leaves many fans concerned about her health
Wearing a pink lion’s mane and tail to preserve her modesty on the n**e shoot, which was shot by Mario Testino, it also appears Gaga’s breasts have been airbrushed to appear smaller and higher. Adjustments in color and light were the finishing touches in creating the final look, which was almost unrecognizable as the popular entertainer.
This isn’t the first time noticeable retouching has been noticed with the star’s photo shoot. Earlier this month, we reported that photographs that had yet to be airbrushed from a Versace modeling campaign had come to light, showing the performer looking washed out with dark circles around her eyes.
How far should celebrities go to photoshop in order look perfect to the world?
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